Notification of Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia about the insolvency of the tour operator SIA “Mouzenidis Travel - Riga”

Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia invites the consumers who have bought the package travels and have opened/not fulfilled contracts with SIA “Mouzenidis Travel-Riga” to following actions: to be carried out as soon as possible:

  • To file and submit the application (link) to Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia; For further information, please contact: Senior Expert Velta Kašs, phone number: + 371 68806523, e-mail: Velta.Kass@ptac.gov.lv; or lawyer Nora Markoviča, phone number: +371 68806528, e-mail: Nora.Markovica@ptac.gov.lv The final deadline for submitting the application is 25 November 2021, however we are kindly asking to submit it as soon as possible.
  • To double ensure that consumers get back the money paid for the package travel, CRPC recommends to consumers as well as business partners and agencies those have sold the services offered by SIA “Mozenidis Travel-Riga” and in case the company has not fulfilled the obligations, to file the claim also  to insolvency administrator Jānis Spilve (address: Skolas iela 21-608, Riga, LV – 1010, phone number: +371 29378096; fax number: +371 67333463; E-mail:  spilvesbirojs@gmail.com. Please, note the deadline: September 16th, 2021.


The Application form can be submitted in both: in CRPC and in the Office of Insolvency Administrator. When submitting in the  Office of Insolvency Administrator, please, note that the form should have be filled in two copies and together with other documents should be (physically) submitted in the Office of Insolvency Administrator: Skolas iela 21-608, Riga, Latvia or should be sent to the e-mail address:  spilvesbirojs@gmail.com.

Application form you can download here: