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Carefully familiarize yourself with the order order: payment, delivery, execution procedures. . For example: What steps should be taken for an order to be accepted ? How long the order will be approved ? How and how long you can get the goods or services ? Find out if there is an additional cost of using the site, delivery?

Delivery arrangements:

Pay attention to the length of time in which the seller undertakes to supply the goods ordered. . Take note ! In Latvia, the regulation provides that if you have entered into a distance agreement with the seller, it is to be executed within 30 days of the date on which the seller has received the order, unless you have clearly and explicitly agreed on another term for the execution of the order, the seller has a duty to supply the goods up to that date.

Ask yourself some control questions:

Does the Internet site ensure the supply of goods to or via Latvia?

  • For example, whether a German Internet shop provides for the supply and marketing of goods in Latvia.

Supply of large-scale goods?

  • For example, car seats, refrigerators, televisions …
  • Who covers the shipping/delivery costs of the item?
  • What is the cost of sending/delivering the item?
  • In addition to the delivery charge, is the supply in question beneficial?

When you complete an order, the i-shop is required to give you an order approval.

If there are doubts about the company's credibility, better assess the need to purchase the product or service directly on the website chosen!