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What consumer must draw attention to when buying goods via Internet, catalogue, TV or radio?

If consumer has decided to conclude distance contract, that is, to buy goods using offer from catalogues, advertisement published in press, which has attached order coupon, TV, radio, Internet, e-mail or any other means of sending or transmitting information, consumer must bear in mind following main criteria:

  1. information about good and its description;
  2. information about the price (including all taxes);
  3. information about the procedure of payment, procedure of delivery and delivery costs;
  4. information about rights of withdrawal;
  5. information about trader (name, registration number, legal address)

Remember! When you have made an order, you have concluded contract with trader, which delegates responsibilities and obligations to both sides!\

Rights of withdrawal

After concluding of contract, consumer may use rights of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from contract during 14 calendar days from day when good was received, if there is no agreement with trader about longer term.
Remember! If trader has not issued to consumer written information about the rights of withdrawal and a withdrawal form (special form where is noted all necessary information how to withdraw), consumer may use rights of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from contract during 1 year from the day when good was received.
Sending of withdrawal form or application in free form in stated time vindicates consumer from all contractual obligations. Consumer liability is to return good to trader during 14 days after sending of withdrawal form or application. On the other hand trader’s liability is to repay to consumer money spent on good during 14 days after receiving of written withdrawal.
Remember! Consumer is liable for quality and safety retain of good during exercise term of withdrawal rights.