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About CRPC \ History


On 17th of March, 1998 the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Latvia decided to establish Consumer Rights Protection Centre (CRPC) on basis of already existing Trade and Service Control Centre (Order of 17th of March, 1998 No. 128). The Consumer Rights Protection Centre started to operate from 1st of May, 1998 with the aim to impement consumer rights protection by supervising trade of goods and supply of services, providing consumers with necessary information and helping consumers to solve conflicts arisen.


The relevant milestone for Consumer Rights Protection Centre was 1st of May, 2004 when Latvia joined the European Union. This step affected legislation and politics of the Republic of Latvia in following areas: consumer rights protection; market surveillance; product and service safety; etc. 


CRPC is the civil authority under surveillance of the Ministry of Economics, which enforces the protection of consumer rights and interests. The Operation of CRPC is based on The Consumer Rights Protection Law that is the main legislative act, and it is basis for consumer right protection field. The activities of CRPC are regulated by the Statutes of CRPC.

Main functions of CRPC are:

  1. To supervise trade of non-food products (excluding medical products,
    medicines, veterinary medicnes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, veterinary
    pharmaceuticals, animal care products, household chemicals)
  2. To handle consumer complaints on violations of consumer rights
  3. To provide legal advice for consumers in consumer rights
  4. To monitor the consumer rights in draft contracts and agreements between
    consumer and producer or seller and service render
  5. To supervise correctness of weight and measure of food and non-food
    products; Supervise the correctness of cost of purchase
  6. To supervise measuring equipment conformity to requirements of laws and
    regulations, to supervise metrological control of pre-packed goods