Do you know your rights when shopping online in Europe?

We acquire more and more goods and services online, but what to do if we receive a defective product or decide that this product is not necessary for us? To test your knowledge and learn more about your consumers rights when shopping inline - we invite you to take part in the "e-consumer quiz"!

E-consumer quiz is designed as a game that consists of 9 scenarious (tests), in each of the scenarious there are 3 multiple choise questions. After each test you can see a review, where you can learn the correct answers and compare them with your own in order to learn more about your rights when shopping online. 

Participants who will answer all questions of the quiz could get a gift from the ECC-Net!

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) consists of 30 centres in all 28 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. The centres offer free and personalised information, advice and assistance to consumers having problems with cross-border transactions. The network helps citizens to ensure that their consumer rights are respected and to reap the benefits of the Internal Market.